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Meet Kelvin

Husband, Father, Veteran, Leader

I'm running to return power to the people, to give the voters of North Texas the voice they deserve, to give our kids a fighting chance, and to represent you above all. 


Putting The People Back Into Politics

Our government is fundamentally broken.

Instead of working tirelessly on behalf of everyday Americans, our congress is for sale to the highest bidder. Until we get the billionaires, corporations, and special interest groups out of our government, we will never find common ground on the issues that truly matter. Our campaign is fighting to put an end to this rampant corruption.


We must restore power to the people by ensuring that our voices reign supreme. We will show this nation that elections can be won without selling out to corporate and special interests. And we're not stopping there - our platform calls for historic changes in how we invest in people by demanding Healthcare For All, College For All, Universal Pre-K, and much more.

The time for hope is over. It's time to change. We need to empower people to stand up to corporations and special interests. 

Our Priorities


Protecting Our Democracy

Corporations & special interests spend BILLIONS each year to buy influence in the halls of Congress. 

We must reform campaign finance laws to return legitimacy to our legislative process. 


Healthcare For All

Every year, 500,000 Americans go bankrupt because of medically-related expenses. No American should be forced to make that choice. 

We must bring down healthcare costs and guarantee healthcare to all Americans as a human right. 


College For All

The average cost of college tuition and fees at public 4-year institutions has risen 179.2% since 2000. 

We must invest in our future. We must ensure that all Americans have the ability to earn a degree without taking on life-altering debt. 


Universal Pre-K

The average cost of child care for children under 5 years old is over $10,000 per year nationwide. 

We must invest in universal pre-kindergarten programs nationwide and ensure that our babies get the education and structure they need without breaking the wallets hardworking parents. 


Free and Fair Elections

Over 1600 polling stations have been closed since 2013, including over 750 in Texas. 

We must protect the right to vote for every American citizen. We must make it easier to participate in our democracy - not harder. 


A Movement Powered by

The People

Sign up today to volunteer! Check all the options that speak to you and we'll reach out to get you started. 



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